MWR Top20 Listener Chart – August Week 3

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1. Blasted Mechanism – Blast Your Mind (PT) Visit 2 9
2. Spoonfeedas – Dance Little Sister (SA) Visit New New
3. The Rotten Rebels – Holidaze (IRL) Visit 1 6
4. Skin Deep 86 – Im a down and out! (UK) Visit New New
5. Adonis – The Fixx (US) Visit 13 4
6. Sunday Uniform – I Fell Out With The Sunrise (UK) Visit 4 4
7. Kramies – Castle of Ghosts (US) Visit New New
8. Rudy Jr & The Lovepirates – Stupid Chick Opus8 (DK) Visit 7 28
9. Lovey Dovey – The Dangerous Time (US) Visit 5 5
10. Die CoverlireSaber Rider & the Star Sheriffs (DE) Visit New New
11. Angel – Theres A Girl (UK) Visit New New
12. National Overdrive – Motivator (US) Visit 10 4
13. RedLizzard – She Wants To Be Free (PT) Visit 17 3
14. MuscleMouth – MidiLatencyTester (CA) Visit New New
15. Sharfla – We’re Free (SCO) Visit 3 3
16. Remora – Nevada Smith (US) Visit 12 2
17. Zapway – The Sucker (ES) Visit New New
18. Black Sheriff – Snakeskin Pillow (US) Visit 6 2
19. Irata – Drunken Dwarf (US) Visit New New
20. Juliet vs Romeos – Give Into My Love (Rom) Visit 8 2
This Weeks Bubbly Upcomers      
Mark Cashin & the Lil Hussys – Hollywood (AUS) Visit
Sarah KreuzWarwick Avenue (DE) Visit
Glam Organs – The Tower (UK) Visit
Summoned Tide – Blum Dum Fairies And Pottery Goblins (SE) Visit
The Grape Ape – Feel The Flame (US) Visit
The Echoing Green – Here Is The House (US) Visit
Owl Eyes – Faces (AUS) Visit
Blynd – (Rage) Mindgames (CYP) Visit
Tip Top Daddies – Bam Bam Boom (DE) Visit
Autumn Under Fire – Coral Belongs in the Ocean (US) Visit
KunkAttack! Attack! (UK) Visit
Bai Kamara Jr – Disposable Society (BE) Visit
Ten Cent Toys – The Climax (US) Visit
Wireless Remote Titties – Im so Flyyyyy (US) Visit
Broussa – Sur la Toile (FR) Visit
Snakes and Raccoons – Girl Of My Dreams (US) Visit
Romantic Jurgen – Dead Bunny Invasion (ROM) Visit
The Mood – Boobs (US) Visit
Orouni – The Only Pictures I’ve Got (FR) Visit
Mecano – Those Revolutionary Days (NL) Visit
The Flotels – Take Care (UK) Visit
Pavesi – Turn Around Year (IRL) Visit
MysonStop & Think (NL) Visit
Teen HeartsI’ve Got You And You’ve Got Me (US) Visit
LoS RuInOs – Maldito Cabron (Mex) Visit
Semiconductors – Radon Life (US) Visit
Audubon Park – Despicable Cousin (US) Visit
Landon – Table For One (US) Visit
Oh No – Supermagic (US) Visit
Turn off the Sun – Weekend in Prague (UK) Visit
This Weeks Departures      
The Yossarians – King Lethar (UK) Visit Out Out
Vampire Hookers – Drink Or Fuck (US) Visit Out Out
Leisure Class – Lufkins Dilemma (US) Visit Out Out
Karoshi Lovers – Death Pop (FI) Visit Out Out
Dylanquent – Attention Deficit Disorder (AUS) Visit Out Out
Sirens and Serenades – Light Of Day (CA) Visit Out Out
Extradition Order – Matches meet Petrol (UK) Visit Out Out
Plant – Love Is Dead (PT) Visit Out Out

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