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*** PLEASE NOTE - This is not the voting page. To vote for a track currently nominated or in the chart please go to the vote page***

To nominate a track for inclusion in the voting for the Chart, please email the track to along with the requested details below:

Artist Name
Song Title
Information website link
...and don't forget to attach the track or proved a download link!

When you nominate a track it will be reviewed by our chart 'Junta' team and, if accepted, will be included in the voting list and played after the countdown during the Chart Show on Fridays, as soon as a nomination slot becomes available.

The weekly MWR top choon charts is purely based on listener votes. Equally, everyone may nominate tracks for a shot as "Bubbly Upcomers" in coming weeks.

Preference is given to recent releases/recordings, but any and all nominations are considered. The track does not need to be released on a major - or indeed any - label to be considered.

The secret DJ junta selects the most interesting nominations each week regardless of their origin or popularity elsewhere

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Votes are only counted once. Attempting multiple votes will only wear out your mouse.

Nominations for the weeks chart closes at midnight between Thursday and Friday. Nominations delivered after that will be considered for next weeks chart.


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