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The Alternative chart at Music World Radio is presented live on air every friday night - a guarantee for airplay to every track that makes it to the Top20. A wide selection of nomimations are equally given a spin on air during the chart show - and over the week by all the MWR DJs.

No genre is left out of the MWR Alternative Top20. If the listeners want dance, techno, death metal, punk or indie rock - thats what theyre gonna get - and if they change their mind and jump on the europop train, so does the chart. The listeners have all the power to nominate and vote!

If you have an appetite for more music rants, alternative charts, album reviews, news from Club Impulse Second Life and a wide variety of other music related randomness drop past the gossip blog and leave your comments.

Check out the bands in the charts here, there are plenty of goodies from new and unsigned acts burning through the barriers with fresh ideas, established acts firing up the party with monumentally powefull musical parades and thought-to-be has-beens making their way back to the charts with new interesting material.

Vote - This Weeks Top 20 - Nominate * ** ***
1. Sarah Kreuz - Warwick Avenue (DE) Visit 9 3
2. Sunday Uniform - I Fell Out With The Sunrise (UK) Visit 1 7
3. Rudy Jr & The Lovepirates - Stupid Chick Opus8 (DK) Visit 2 31
4. Red Savannah - Tears From the Sun (CA) Visit New New
5. The Coconut Butts - Emo Girl (DE) Visit New New
6. Hazey tapes - Ash tray (IT) Visit New New
7. National Overdrive - Motivator (US) Visit 7 7
8. Romantic Jurgen - Dead Bunny Invasion (ROM) Visit 18 3
9. Flat Tires - Payin Dues Again (US) Visit New New
10. RedLizzard - She Wants To Be Free (PT) Visit 10 6
11. Naevus - Walking Spanish (UK) Visit 3 2
12. Kramies - Castle of Ghosts (US) Visit 16 4
13. Rotten Rebels - Holidaze (IRL) Visit 5 9
14. After the Pageant - Everything (UK) Visit 6 2
15. Skin Deep 86 - Im a down and out! (UK) Visit 12 4
16. Stonwall - Lonely (US) Visit 14 2
17. Angel - Theres A Girl (UK) Visit 13 4
18. MuscleMouth - Springtime (US) Visit New New
19. Lost Influence - Dead end man (UK) Visit New New
20. Flash Future - Pimp Your Dick (DE) Visit New New
This Weeks Bubbly Upcomers      
Adjusters - Paranoid (UK) Visit - -
Asylum Bedlam - Once Hope (CRO) Visit - -
Clockwise - You Area A Star (CA) Visit - -
Concrete Worms - Need To See You (SER) Visit - -
Dekadens - News On The Radio (ROM) Visit - -
Dirt Box Disco - Psycho (UK) Visit - -
E.A.R.T.H. ft. TIE (Take It Easy) - Sexin' After Textin' (US) Visit - -
The Burning Fields - Gun (UK) Visit - -
Maini Sorri - Someday (SWE) Visit - -
Modotti - Catch Flames (IT) Visit - -
Potty Mouth Sissys - Motor City Titties (US) Visit - -
Pretentious Moi - Now and Again (UK) Visit - -
Silent Victory - Ain't No Shame In Crying (UK) Visit - -
Soul Fly Ministry - Hold on Me (UK) Visit - -
The Beaten Generation - Love Song (DE) Visit - -
The Dust - The Wall of Books (US) Visit - -
The Morlocks - I'm A Man (US) Visit - -
Sexstone - Daybreak (US) Visit - -
X Rippers - New York (UK) Visit - -
Paradis - She's a Witch (ES) Visit - -
This Weeks Departures      
Spoonfeedas - Dance Little Sister (SA) Visit Out Out
Tallowate - September phone call (PT) Visit Out Out
The Shots - Robbed by the Rich (US) Visit Out Out
Blasted Mechanism - Blast Your Mind (PT) Visit Out Out
Black Sheriff - Snakeskin Pillow (DE) Visit Out Out
Juliet vs Romeos - Give Into My Love (Rom) Visit Out Out
Owl Eyes - Faces (AUS) Visit Out Out

* Band Website / ** Last Weeks Position / *** Weeks in The Chart

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The MicroManiac Faq

Anyone can nominate songs

Everyone has 1 vote per week. You can vote multiple times if you please, but the system only counts the first vote you cast.

No nominations will be accepted for artists already featured in the chart

All 20 songs in the chart are featured on the weekly chartshow. Further all 40 songs are distributed to all MWR DJs of the week and as such all 40 will be given a good spin on air throughout the week.

Preference is given to new, interesting and alternative acts when choosing nominees. However, if you are nominating a lesser known or unsigned act - providing the track, links to further information and/or the bands website makes it alot more likely to be chosen.

Nominations are chosen on thursday night - european time. Nominations and votes cast after that but before the friday show are not wasted - but included in the following week.

Using the nominations to promote your own band or songs is absolutely fine - the quality of the

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