Nominees(Bubbly upcomers)

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Nominees are a strong mixture of established names and new exciting unsigned acts, all of which have been nominated by MWR listeners.

Tiffany Apan

We have nominations every week from  jazz pop to drum & bass.  It is up to the listeners who vote to get great music into the chart.  Sometimes they come in from the bubbly upcomers and sometimes,  like the new number one, by Big talkahh, they jump in from nowhere and have so many votes they do not even touch the bubbly upcomers list


All bubbly upcomers now recieve all song airplay or most, depending on presenter hosting on the night, because the broadcast time of the show has now been extended by an hour to 9-12pm.

To vote and nominate – Voting /nominating for the chart has a deadline of Thursday midnight, U.K time and you can start the same again, after the top 20 has been counted down at about 11.45 Friday night

In the past, Redlight – Whats Going On ?, Goldblade – Toxic City F.C. Tallowate – Microscope  and  Jah Bukie – Evil Outthere have all appeared in the bubbly upcomers list then the next week they were in the chart. Out of all the above, Whats going on? stayed in the chart the longest and have had another two songs in since and have all charted 🙂 enjoy

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Music World Radio Alternative Listeners Chart

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22 October 2010 (Week 41)

Vote For Your Favorite Track or Nominate Another

Top 20

1. Bigtalkahh – In Our Dreams (US)
2. Maini Sorri – Someday (Sweden)
3. A Beta Movement – A Beta Movement (Portugal)
4. Kramies – Castle of Ghosts (US)
5. RedLizzard – She Wants To Be Free (Portugal)
6. Sarah Kreuz – Warwick Avenue (Germany)
7. Red Savannah – Tears From the Sun (Canada)
8. Flash Future – Pimp Your Dick (Germany)
9. Rudy Jr & The Lovepirates – Stupid Chick Opus8 (Denmark)
10. X Rippers – New York (UK)
11. After The Pageant – Everything (UK)
12. Clockwise – You Are A Star (Canada)
13. BlackDogHat – Electric (UK)
14. Seeland – Black Dot (Sir Real Remix) (UK)
15. Ockum’s Razor – Pusher (US)
16. National Overdrive – Motivator (US)
17. Love Shop – Redningsklar (Denmark)
18. MuscleMouth – Springtime (US)
19. Giuliano Palma & The BlueBeaters – Nuvole Rosa (Feat Melanie Fiona) (Italy)
20. The Dust – The Wall of Books (US)

Bubbly Upcomers

AJ Unity – Jupiter (UK)
A’tris – Automatic Doors (US)
B-complex – Three Dots (Slovakia)
Chewy Chocolate Cookies – It Was Only A Kiss (UK)
Chimp Spanner – Bad Code (UK)
Dunderhonning – Manifest (Norway)
Frank Palangi – I’m Waiting (US)
Hafdis Huld – Synchronised Swimmers (Iceland)
Inner Prisms – Learn How To Love (US)
Kellee Maize – Third Eye (US)
Leigh Mary Stokes – Perfect (UK)
Lubriphonic – Pimp Limp (US)
Margin of Safety – Bits to Pieces (Finland)
Nuclear Test – Strive (Ukraine)
Slideshow Freak – Pull Me Back In (US)
The Blue Aeroplanes – My Good Self (UK)
The Down Beats – Rollin’ Tumblin’ (US)
Victims of Bad Television – The Story About Wanda (Denmark)

Chart Departures

Mourning Tears – A Silent Night (Sweden)
Dan Korn – Dustbowl (UK)
Sunday Uniform – I Fell Out With The Sunrise (UK)

Italobrothers – Nr2 This Week – Live Video

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Italobrothers has been skyrocketing up the MWR Top20 with their addictive dancetrack Stamp On The Ground – here they are stamping around in a live recording of their charting hit single (Live Go!Parc Herford 27/06-09):

Dont forget – its Italobrothers – Stamp On The Ground, theyre number2 in this weeks chart and you can vote for them or one the 39 other top chooooons right here

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Promote Your Band / Get Nominated

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To nominate a track:

Anyone can nominate songs. All 20 songs in the chart are featured on the weekly chartshow. Further all 40 songs are distributed to all MWR DJs of the week and as such all 40 will be given a good spin on air throughout the week.

Preference is given to new, interesting and alternative acts when choosing nominees. However, if you are nominating a lesser known or unsigned act – providing the track, links to further information and/or the bands website makes it alot more likely to be chosen.

Nominations are chosen on thursday night – european time. Nominations and votes cast after that but before the friday show are not wasted – but included in the following week.

Using the nominations to promote your own band or songs is absolutely fine – the quality of the music counts, nothing else. No songs or genres are excluded in advance, but equally there is no guarantee your nomination will be chosen as a Bubbly Upcomer Everyone has 1 vote per week. You can vote multiple times if you please, but the system only counts the first vote you cast. No nominations will be accepted for artists already featured in the chartContact The MWR Top20

To nominate a track:


Black Sheriff – This weeks nr19 LIVE Video

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Black Sheriff – New up´n´coming punk rock act from Cologne, Germany – made it into this weeks number 19. Check them out live in brutal action

The germans know how to gatecrash an insane party with oldschool punky vibes and hardhitting rock. Give Black Sheriff a good listen and consider this weeks nr19 in the MWR Alternative Top20.

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