Nominees(Bubbly upcomers)

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Nominees are a strong mixture of established names and new exciting unsigned acts, all of which have been nominated by MWR listeners.

Tiffany Apan

We have nominations every week from  jazz pop to drum & bass.  It is up to the listeners who vote to get great music into the chart.  Sometimes they come in from the bubbly upcomers and sometimes,  like the new number one, by Big talkahh, they jump in from nowhere and have so many votes they do not even touch the bubbly upcomers list


All bubbly upcomers now recieve all song airplay or most, depending on presenter hosting on the night, because the broadcast time of the show has now been extended by an hour to 9-12pm.

To vote and nominate – Voting /nominating for the chart has a deadline of Thursday midnight, U.K time and you can start the same again, after the top 20 has been counted down at about 11.45 Friday night

In the past, Redlight – Whats Going On ?, Goldblade – Toxic City F.C. Tallowate – Microscope  and  Jah Bukie – Evil Outthere have all appeared in the bubbly upcomers list then the next week they were in the chart. Out of all the above, Whats going on? stayed in the chart the longest and have had another two songs in since and have all charted 🙂 enjoy

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Tiffany Apan – Run Away And Hide

Posted in Media: Track, Podcasts and Video on June 18th, 2010 by Editor

She comes highly recommended by no other than notorious DJ Grumpy – but you dont have to take his word for it, have a look at Tiffany Apans music video for the beautifull track Run Away And Hide.

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DJ Grumpys Cranky Recommendations Volume 2

Posted in Music Reviews on June 11th, 2010 by Editor
The old grump points his dirty fingers at new & exciting acts that shouldnt be missed. Here is volume 2 of powerfull bands that should reach a much greater audience – all have been and will continue to be featured on – but dont let it stop there, go check out all their respective pages and give the excellent tunes a thorough listen. Its well worth your while !

Laurier Tiernan
The world’s only 6’7″ queer vegan recording artist, as he describes himself, is a completely loony poppunker from Tokyo. The lyrics are hilarious masterpieces (in english), though I have my doubts Arnold Schwarzenegger will ever replace Obama as president ! However, the raw unpolished punk riffs are capable of making any old punk thrash around in mad hysteria whilst laughing uncontrollably at the madness going on. Give Tiernan a good old fashioned kick of a listen !

The Zero Point
This danish punkband was originally formed all the way back in 1979. Whilst they never reached a commercially wide audience they have always had a solid cult following, the band has toured most of Western Europe over the years and won a variety of alternative/punk awards. The Zero Point called it a day in 1987. Now the old punks are back in better shape than ever with a selection of fresh hardhitting material. This is certainly a comeback that shouldnt be missed, on air or live at the venues. Check out their compilation of old rarities “HOOLIGANS WITH CHEAP GUITARS” and not least, get your arse out to the venues – you wont be disappointed!

A new group of captivating talents has emerged on the british indie pop/rock scene. The name is Itamar and you may not know it now, but you most certainly will. Theyre performing delicate pieces of pop/rock with a dark edge and a genuine energy that brings back memories of the qualitative height of the new wave movements whilst still presenting a unique hope for the future. Itamar have their very own style and the vocal especially isnt to be missed, though it would be a crime to label them up too narrowly – instead, go check out excellent creations such as “Mr Right” or get yourself to one of their gigs round the UK.

Tiffany Apan
Tiffany Apan has just released her debut album Poet, which is a bit of a patchy gem. She states her inspirations as Sarah Brightman & Tori Amos among others, which would usually make me reach for the sleeping pills, but luckily the grand walls of sound come with an interesting twist – a hardrocking vibe and excellently screaming guitar performances to provide the dynamics and energy so often lacking in this type of music. At her best Tiffany blows you away with atmospherical hardrock – a clear example being the wonderfully powerful Warrior (Soldier for Myself).

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