Lost Without Cause – Live Video

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Magick recently presented the world with a review of the new single from Lost Without Cause, Come On/Situation, but at the gossip blog we like to dig a bit deeper – so here they are in concert back from 2007 at the Hat Factory in Luton, UK. Take it away Lost Without Cause:

Dont forget to pay a visit to these hardhitting monsters over at http://www.myspace.com/lostwithoutcause


Lost Without Cause: Come On/Situation

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Lost Without cause are a three piece rock band from Watford in the UK. They have been around since 2004, and have certainly been putting the work in, playing over 200 gigs in that time; and the hard work certainly shows.

These two tracks represent a new single release, and there is no doubt they are going to make a huge impact within their genre.

The thundering drums, incredibly powerful and aggressive production, and one of the most belligerent rock bass sounds I have ever heard, are bundled into accessible and melodic songs, that owe more to recent American New Wave than traditional British Rock. Indeed, if I had not read their biography, it would never have occurred to me that they were UK based.

There is no masturbatory self referential guitar noodling to be found here. The guitarist delivers slabs of sound that are no more or less than is required for the song. The powerful classic rock vocal eschews ego boosting rock screams, for a direct and in your face delivery. But this is still undeniably rock, albeit of the polished US variety, and without the retrospection much of that genre suffers.

This is pure 2009, new and fresh, and yet that rhythm section bulldozes it beyond the new wave of pop punk, into a new age of classic rock.


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