Hoboud – Wskrzeszenie (hobouda)

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The album centers around folklore, urban myths and campire stories surround the mischievous spirit, Hoboud( the band name). The album, Wskrzeszenie (hobouda),   is a jounrey, kind of like the irish Clannad with the instruments played and what probably springs to mind when you do hear it. Opening sounds like something from of Devil Mat Cry game, with images of a growling monster in the rain in a little village, one thing albums miss, great openings. Great harmonies it introduces you to the sound and sets the tone.

The sounds are traditional folk music, really taking you back in time, all in Polish and some naturation between songs. Guitars, violins, the sounds of folk, great vocals and great bassline on The Forester. Even if you don’t understand the language it is fun to listen to. You can switch the lights off and the opening really does put you in the mood, in a wooden tavern with flickering lights. Electric guitar flys into The Green Meadow. Nice break in the song with like a dirty harry type running bassline undercurrent. The album weaves through traditional folk and stories in the lyrics to more modern sounds though the bassline and electric instruments. The Little Wooden Church, opens with fine femal vocals and beautiful keyboard sound. The green meadow (Zielono Lonka) the most most eclectic out of all the songs on the album.

Listening to this album really puts you in a mood, yes its not in English speak, but with the music, it is like another instrument, in a sense you could say its an instrument folk album
The lyric booklet has got the words on England and Polish. I compare this music to clannad because thats what it sounds like.  With Clannad  you have a family of musicans on the album, this is what this album sounds like. The tradition is in the booklet and does sound like something out of Resident Evil, terrorising a village, then just disappearing. I heard the band music before i got sent the albnum and i knew what the music was like, but it is different when you hear it in the context of an album. I’m not a huge folk fan, but i like the Clannad type sound, more commerical and poppy than some traditional folk and this album is like that in a few ways. 

One thing i like about the album, the nice digipack pack sleeve and lyric book, well made and very impreesive. You can request songs from the album because the album will be played on the station

Paul E.D


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