Peasants Of Posture – Counter Revolution

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When i first heard of Peasants of Posture, it was Lamb of God and Los luminados and i did not know there was an album.  Then when i got the album thats what its sounds like.
It just a taster of the album and language that he created on the tracks above is not used all the way through, although the atmosphere from the singles, is an example if what the album is all about.

The direction here is like the Polish folk album Hoboud i reviewed, like a story being told, but this is fictional like a comic book style.  kind of simular direction to seventh son of the Seventh Son was by Iron Maiden, which was based on a comic book, but darker with the dance beat element.

The song kill the Vulcan goes rage against the machine with straight talk /rap style going on. I touch the sky is very British classic rock style, with the guitar riffs. I love great openings to songs and Slaughtered by Cattle is perfect example, a naturation then going into a great break with Counter Revolution. Maddagosontheloose and Nobodys son are the only live songs on the album, they just go into orbit, sounds like a rocket going off. Like the current single Los illuminados its a combination of industrial gothic rock with a danceflood mixture, very well produced and it does not sound commerical, like it was thrown together for the 12 year old market. This is rammstien/ Rob Zombie style rock, it is in tongue and cheek, not taken too seriously. Quincy b who is the guy behind Rasptun and the creator of the band with a full band of musicans so its not just one guy behind the name. There is a suprise at the end which is mentioned on there inner sleeve but not on the track listing

Just got to be heard and seen to be believed. This is on hard copy CD and as well download

Peasants of posture myspace: – to buy cd or download

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