Dan Crisp – Far from Here

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Dan Crisp – Far from Here – New release on est 1954 records, august 2008

I have heard a few accoustic artists, some famous, others not so. This album as a very dyamic warm sound in the recording. Although a solo album there are additional musicans making it a fine listen to the ears. This is all laid back music, very lounge, from an open mic night background. Various twin channel vocals, piano, sort drums and clean, well written lyrics.

You sometimes here music like this and yes, maybe it  does get a bit tedious after a few plays, but Dan crisp has got a fine voice, that captivates you, draws you in, makes you listen, which is the entire entice of the album. It starts off with the song hollywood and if you have never heard dan crisp before, you wonder whats going to come.  Fantasic CD sleeve artwork, pictures of distance / man of his travels, which is what the album also projects, someone on a journey. Well song 10 maybe Journeys End, but thats not the end of the album, or the story and with some addition electric guitar introduction.

What makes these songs stand out is the clear sung words, the way dan projects and a fine electric accoustic, which always has a warm feel to it when you hear one or play one. If you not into this soft accoustic music, i would say try it out, because i’m not into this all the time myself and it has certain mood all the way though the album. You maybe suprised. Aside from obvious accoustic artists that makes you think when you here this, some of this recording dynamics remind me of the song angels by Robbie Williams. Simon and Garfunkle might spring to mind, but its a different tone and sound.

The last album i heard like this is the Tim Matthews album, which all accoustic, but thats i more lent towards the rock audience, this has a completely different tone. Fine work by the recording studio, its it has fresh air feel to it, besides the photos on the album, but you can easily escape just by looking at the pictures when the music is playing. You can play this though anything, but if you a hifi purist, get your jamo’s out, you can hear it a lot clearer


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Loreweaver – Imperviae Auditiones

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Loreweaver – Imperviae Auditiones   8 tracks

This is the band barbara Rubin joined in 2008 and there is a major different in style between the band and her solo project
Rock going towards metal. with an orchestral, meat loaf,  a bat out of hell feel, but not as commerical. All long epic songs, letting the songs breathe, none of this 3 minute radio editing that morden has that habbit of doing.

Combining two decades of sound, 90’s and present rock, the synth sounds have also travelled from her album. As an album on its own without comparing it to Barbaras influence, even though she is the lead singer, its full throttle with the softer elements of female vocals in the breaks and chorus. Definitely a stadium band, you can feel they need to be spread out onto a big stage and the sound needs it.

5 Members in the band and Barbaras harmonies are overlayed because she is the only singer, unless someone else contributes, but there is no extra credit. That night, is really a longer verson of one of Barbara Rubin songs, which should have been at the beginning of the album so you know it going onto harder rock, rather than near the end, although, the idea was probably trying to keep the band sort of seperate from Barbaras promotion, good songs, but i think at the wrong end of the album, especial as the last song is actually going back to the band sound.

Overall great epic songs, a lot going on and it really leaves you gasping for breath and your only in the third song. Url: www.myspace.com/loreweaverband

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