Music World Radio Alternative Listeners Chart Week 37

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This Week’s Top 20 Chart

1. Sunday Uniform – I Fell Out With The Sunrise (UK)
2. Sarah Kreuz – Warwick Avenue (DE)
3. Rudy Jr & The Lovepirates – Stupid Chick Opus8 (DK)
4. Maini Sorri – Someday (SWE)
5. The Dust – The Wall of Books (US)
6. Kramies – Castle of Ghosts (US)
7. Hollywood Tramp – Lies About The Truth (UK)
8. BlackDogHat – Electric (UK)
9. X Rippers – New York (UK)
10. Clockwise – You Are A Star (CA)
11. RedLizzard – She Wants To Be Free (PT)
12. Die Bastard Die – Dope Fiend (CA)
13. Red Savannah – Tears From the Sun (CA)
14. MuscleMouth- Springtime (US)
15. Mourning Tears – A Silent Night (SWE)
16. Shag Nasty – Hi Speed Punx (UK)
17. Silent Victory – Ain’t No Shame In Crying (UK)
18. After the Pageant- Everything (UK)
19. National Overdrive – Motivator (US)
20. Flash Future – Pimp Your Dick (DE)

This Week’s Bubbly Upcomers

Alice in Videoland – She’s A Machine (SWE)
Anthony Hugh – Real Good Thing (US)
BaByEaTeRs – Fragments Of My Mind (AU)
Blackbird Blackbird – Pure (US)
Breathe Electric – Libby (US)
Curtis Melody vs. DJ Law Montreal – The Richter (2011 – DJ LAW Move Earth With Love Remix) (CA)
Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel (US)
Gustav Magnusson – Dance Along With Me (SWE)
Jointpop – $oul$ Going Cheap (UK/T&T)
Laura Distasi – Moonsong (US)
Museum – Flowers and Dust (DE)
My Brother Woody – Wish I Was A DJ (IRE)
Ockum’s Razor – Pusher (US)
Rookiecop – The Boxer (–)
Seeland – Black Dot (Sir Real Remix) (UK)
Something Left Unsaid – Blood Memories (US)
Stellar Corpses – Love Me Like This (US)
The American Dollar – Rudiments of A Spiritual Life (US)
The Limes – Beyond Blue (FR)
Vavamuffin – VavaTo (PL)

This Week’s Departures

The Coconut Butts- Emo Girl (DE)
Butcher – I Am You (US)
Naevus – Walking Spanish (UK)
Hazey Tapes – Ash tray (IT)