MWR Top20 Charts – July Week 3

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1. Blasted Mechanism – Blast Your Mind (PT) Visit 6 5
2. Sarah Kreuz – If One Bird Sings (DE) Visit 3 14
3. Every Man For HimselfAutonomy (NZ) Visit New New
4. Sunday Uniform – I Fell Out With The Sunrise (UK) Visit New New
5. Plant – Love Is Dead (PT) Visit 2 5
6. Varosani – Pismo (SER) Visit 15 12
7. Bigtalkahh -To Live Again (US) Visit 1 5
8. Matchstickmen – Throwing Stones (UK) Visit 18 9
9. Leisure Class – Lufkins Dilemma (US) Visit New New
10. Rudy Jr & The Lovepirates – Stupid Chick Opus8 (DK) Visit 15 24
11. Lovey Dovey – The Dangerous Time (US) Visit New New
12. Jim Hitchins and Empire – Conversation With Myself (US) Visit New New
13. Scenario2Uniforms Of Death (NL) Visit New New
14. Babylon Saints – Burn On (US) Visit 19 20
15. Sharks – Glory Days (CA) Visit New New
16. The Rotten Rebels – Holidaze (IRL) Visit 4 2
17. Ras Pilot – Secret Love Affair (T&T) Visit 7 5
18. Allans Grand Day Out – S.A.D (UK) Visit New New
19. Dirt Box Disco – I Just Wanna Be A Girl (UK) Visit 5 9
20. Chimpanbee – The Pressures of Free Money (IRL) Visit 8 8
This Weeks Bubbly Upcomers      
Skyclad – The Parliament Of Fools (UK) Visit
Allflaws – Escaping Sanity (US) Visit
Adonis – The Fixx (US) Visit
Misty’s Big Adventure – Fashion Parade (UK) Visit
Amica Immaginaria – Balletto Nella Nube (IT) Visit
Menowin Fröhlich – Soll Ich Lachen Oder Weinen (DE) Visit
Karoshi Lovers – Death Pop (FI) Visit
The Yossarians – King Lethar (US) Visit
National Overdrive – Motivator (US) Visit
Sharfla – We’re Free (SCO) Visit
Muerganoz – Sotana (COL) Visit
Vampire Hookers – Drink Or Fuck (US) Visit
The Rubber Band Head Band Band – Hey Dear (US) Visit
Jonteknik – The Space Beneath Your Feet (UK) Visit
The Sunpilots – Animals in my Mind (AUS) Visit
Rotten Tomatoes – Rotten Roll (HU) Visit
Sjock – Carlos & The Bandidos (BE) Visit
Whatever That Means – Peace of Mind (Communist Song) (COR) Visit
Dead Relic – Open Your Eyes (ES) Visit
Oliver the Penguin – Girls and Boys (US) Visit
The Scarletz – Lazy Bones (UK) Visit
RedLizzard – She Wants To Be Free (PT) Visit
Citizen Insane – White Cloud (DE) Visit
Clusterluck – The Urge (US) Visit
Trailer Park Sex – Schizophrenia (DE) Visit
Monalisa – Dans tes yeux (FR) Visit
Extra Love – Somewhere In Time (UK) Visit
The Rifffs – Jack the Ripper (Mal) Visit
Avon Junkies – Bullshit (US) Visit
Gorgeous Frankenstein – Made In Hell (US) Visit
This Weeks Departures      
Cars Can Be Blue – Dirty Song (US) Visit Out Out
The Doups – Try Lie Die Whatever (PT) Visit Out Out
Delayed – Impossible Dream (UK) Visit Out Out
Rafa Saez – Oles, Oles, Oles (ES) Visit Out Out
Miss Lava – Dont Tell A Soul (PT) Visit Out Out
Los Banditos – Zuckerfee aus Warschau (DE) Visit Out Out
Cult With No Name – Down the Line (UK) Visit Out Out
The Lovely Eggs – Im Going To Build My Snowman… (UK) Visit Out Out

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