MWR in Second Life: Join The Party !

Music World Radio is broadcasting in Second Life through Club Impulse – and several DJs perform live in Second Life. To join the party, ask any of the DJs below for a landmark to the club – and watch the weekly schedule to see what DJs are gonna be live in Club Impulse.

Magick: Discordian Dreamscape
DJ Destiny: Sereana Destiny
Eblison: Eblison Grun
Miss Kitty: Rosie Lavochkin
Nimue: Nimue Allen
Cerberus: CerberusBV Artful
DJ Grimz: Grimz Zunimoor
John Karu – John11011967 Karu
Paul ED – Paul Meinster
DJ Grumpy: Hincapie Schmertzin

If you have a Second life account come down and join us at

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