MWR Sponsors CD Javea

Music World Radio has signed a sponsorship with spanish Preferente League club CD Javea –

The sponsorship is directed at the CD Javea football academy but also includes a banner at the CD Javea stadium, the logo on academy shirts. CD Javea is a thriving club with a history thats closing in on a 100years – the club has a steady local support from spanish residents as well as expats of various nationalities

Luckily, the fat bloke in the CD Javea shirt is NOT one of the players – but in fact DJ Grumpy looking relatively jolly, albeit slightly swollen in places.

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3 Responses to “MWR Sponsors CD Javea”

  1. Required Rudy Says:

    How come red’n white suit him so well?
    I do see some dynamite there. :D

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