Vote! Vote! Vote!

So your nomination is in the Bubbly Upcomers, or maybe it’s a favourite that has been in the Top 20 Chart for some time. Now what?

Well you want to keep it there don’t you? You want to see it rise up to the No. 1 spot and get as much airplay as it can.

So go to

There is a list of the top 20 Choons and then the Bubbly Upcomers, usually 20 although it depends on what mood the Junta is in that week (must remember to keep the ice cream supply topped up). Find your favourite,
click the link and there you go, one vote, done and dusted. You only get one vote, so make sure you tell everyone you can think of to vote too.

The vote page itself is fully automated and at the deadline of Thursday Midnight (UK Time) it closes and then collates the results, ready for the next evening when the Chart Show will be broadcast.

Obviously, you can’t vote for a nominated track until it has been passed by the Junta and added to the voting list – which will usually be five or ten minutes after the previous week’s chart has been announced in the Weekly Chart Show.

For all information concerning the chart contact

and that, as they say, is that.