Come on Baby Do the … Nomination

Ok but the Locomotion was an unknown song once, who knows what might happen if your band or your favourite song is nominated for the Music World Radio Top 20 Alternative Chart.

Here’s how you do it. Go to and scroll down to the form.

Fill in the relevant details and upload an mp3 of the song or at least leave a url where we can download a copy from.

Artist Name *
Song Title *
Url / Info page
Song download URL
Your Name *
Your Email *

Hit submit and ta da! Nomination winging its way to the MWR Junta to hopefully be included in the next Bubbly Upcomers selection.

If you don’t want to use the online submission form then send all the details and mp3 by email to It will all get to the same place and the Junta will get the final decision.

Just to make things clear though, no nominations will be counted as votes, if you want the band/song to move you have to cast your vote through the vote page and get your friends, family and fans to vote too. Votes are only counted once. Attempting multiple votes will only wear out your mouse.