Cijay – let it be

Posted in Music Reviews on March 28th, 2010 by Editor

Cijay – let it be (Julians Rock mix)( Accoustic/dance/ U.S.A)

Even though cijay is originally an accoustic artist, for some reason let is be is the only one with about 6 dance mixes and no there is not an accoustic original which is disappointing.
This dance song was written with just the use of cijays vocals and each version is better than the last in production. The vocals were put it a beat for the U.S growing commercial dance market.  Whatever you think of the remixes,( everyone has their own opinion) but Julians rock mix is the closest they have got to an accoustic mix and its not even a rock mix as it says its the best mix of the song and its a piano version and the only version that harks back to the Beatles original, with the long piano opening.

If you like your commerical dance songs, this is for you. If your are big Cijay fan and expecting an accousticer version, there is no version out. This is the best in my view of all the remixes, the production is the deepest and the best out of them. It lets the piano breathe in the song and  the best for Cijays recorded vocals

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