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Goldblade – Live at Glastonbury

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Goldblade is one of this weeks nominees with the satirical explosion of punk energy Toxic City FC – here they are live at Glastonbury back in 2007:

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Jaspa: Wise To Your Lies – This Weeks Nr4

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French powerpop act Jaspa is this weeks number 4 – here they are performing the single “Wise To Your Lies” live.

Have a dig at Jaspa – and vote at

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The Alternative Top20 Chart – January Week 4

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The Alternative Top20 Chart.
Check out the Top20 & Vote at:

1. Italobrothers – Stamp On The Ground
2. Leisure Class – Tuberculosis Is Back
3. Black Sheriff – Dreams 
4. Jaspa – Wise To Your Lies
5. Bunton Beats – F**K That Body
6. Richard Snow & The Inlaws – Silent Girlfriend
7. CiJay – Let It Be
8. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S – Lovely Bastard
9. Tom Smith – Cat Macros
10. Depeche Mode – Fragile Tension
11. The Hawaiians – Hula On Mars
12. Nephew – Va Fangool
13. Julian Cope – Its Too Late To Turn Back Now
14. Asylum Bedlam – For Those Who Will Understand
15. Blacked Out – I Hate Your Fucking President
16. Jenocide – Coming For You
17. D.A.D. – Look What The Drugs Dragged In
18. Runaway Cow – Alligator
19. Evol Intent – Era Of Diversion
20. Tenpole Tudor – Made It This Far
This Weeks Bubbly Upcomers
Redlight – Whats Going On ?
Tiberius Project – Total Madness
Goldblade – Toxic City F.C.
Rammstein – Pussy
Tallowate – Microscope
Jah Bukie – Evil Outthere
The Keyz – Dont Let Go
The Sheckies – I Need Xanax
Pet Shop Boys – My Girl
Deaf Pedestrians – Flight Of The Boomer Lemmings
Madness – Razor Blade Alley
David Guetta – Sexy Chick
Godiva X – Whisper
Elva Snow – Stars
Errorgod – Darkest Hatred
Tiffany Apan – Run Away And Hide
The Hex Dispensers – Doomsday Romantic
Outlandish – Feels Like Saving The World
Die Mannequin – Where Puppies Grow
The Cute Lepers – Thanks For Not Showing Up

Live at every friday night.
Check out the Top20 & Vote at:

The MWR Listeners Chart is 100% decided by the listeners. All nominated songs get a shot at making the chart and the listeners decide if each choon makes the top20. All songs in the Top20 are guaranteed airplay on the Chart-Show every friday night on Music World Radio – where a selection of the nominations will also be presented. The weekly MWR top choon charts is purely based on listener votes. Equally, everyone may nominate tracks for a shot as “Bubbly Upcomers” in coming weeks. Preference is given to recent releases/recordings, but any and all nominations are considered. The track does not need to be released on a major – or indeed any – label to be considered. To vote for your favorite or nominate a song – simply go to:

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