First 3 Months – Overview by Paul ED

Now that the chart has gone into its 4th month, it is becoming clear that various artists and songs are so popular there is now only a few that stay between 9 -14 weeks ( You do not even get that with a commercial chart on sales ).

We have just two so far that have reached that.

This is very popular indeed and various artists below have songs from album releases.
In a sense the target to beat.
This is all based on 100% listener votes

The Current number 1 is Sarah Kreuz – If One Bird Sings
German female singer/ pianist who has a singing style and sounds like Mariah Carey. But will she stay there is the key to this chart

But below are the STAYERS of the chart. Some are more popular than others and some are just suprised everytone

The top of the tree at the moment

The Weasel Kickers – Carbon Neutral – number 1 twice
The uk comic punkester are from Derby. Have been at number one twice, with only 9 week under their belt and still in the top 20, but they keep going back up and have done a few times. I have also interviewed these guys and i am glad to say still around

Rudy Jr & The Lovepirates – Stupid Chick Opus8 (punk/denmark) number 1 and 14 weeks in chart
Very popular song up and down over the weeks. Rudy has been listening over the weeks. Just simple song again, simple lyrics. this goes to prove simple is always the best formula

Neongrau – Hi Level Slacker (electro/ Germany) number 1
14 weeks
I have no idea who nominated this originally. but it has suprised everyone
Simular in style to Kraftwerk, simple and just simple sampled vocals

These are climbing fast. And now appears the more the chart becomes recognised, its indicates what is popular

Fine Lyrisist with album released
MC Comeczechmi – Communist Rock (Rap/Russia)
9 week
One of hot favourites on the station, gets request on a regular bases by listeners and DJ’s. one of those quiet unique artists and very clever.

Babylon Saints – (Reggae/U.S) Burn On number 1
10 weeks
We have had a few simular acts come and go, but this one looks like staying. i have compared them to the American version of UB40, not hard guitars but bring the style with them

The Rotten Rebels – My D-Day (punk/ ireland)
11 weeks
Very missleading sound quality but very clever. Sounds like they have the radio in background and recorded it with a 1940s mic, but very popular song

These have had 100s upon 100s of votes to stay in. Some things are unpredicatable and there are suprises. One thing is for sure, as time goes on, you know what is popular and what is not

Sometimes being number is good, but you have got to stay there.
So far Neongrau is the only tune to go to number one and stay in the chart 14 weeks, which is near enough the life of the chart upto this point

Although this chart is not direct from sales, is it what the public are listening to and voting for. A lot of musicans who are in the chart have releases both CD and download and a lot are songs lifted from albums.

This chart is one of a few promotions the station has but showing what the listeners like it the main one

Many thanks and continue to vote through hit the cast your vote and nominate links ot the left of the homepage
or hit the page
All songs on the page have links to myspaces, facebooks or somewhere with music to listen and buy
This helps all artists in many ways

Many thanks

Paul Readman ( Paul E.D)

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