The Weasel Kickers – Dont Complain

The Weasel Kickers – Dont Complain

Tracks: I didn’t Write This, Carbon Neutral, Headache, Funding the IRA, Suicide Bomb, Question Marks, middle Class Hereo, The Law, Shoot My Dog

This 9 song album, is all about real life. All with messages political or otherwise.  From obicesity messages on Funding the IRA, and i quote, ” Put the knife and Falk down”,from background everyday noise to polital messages like their taken from the BBC world service.

Great modern day punk songs, kind of like the sex pistols modernised with rough punk sounds and accoustic numbers. My choice from the album is ” The law” with the rough punk power cords and police siren effects. Weather you agree with that they say or not, great simple songs. If you like the sex pisols with more singing and more direct upfront messages, then this is the album for you

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Review by Paul ED


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